Trading Mindset Vlog: Similarities Between Binary Options Trading and Sports Training Haven’t did #weeklymindset #vlog videos for a while. Here’s a vlog on my thoughts on sports training vs binary options trading, and also just how true is “Practice Makes Perfect”. Watch this video as I track how starting to trade binary options is indeed as challenging as it is to embark on a intensive sports training regimen, and then subsequently, how with practice, I no longer feel fear or anxiety in taking large trades, even after some losses – just as training for better sports performance. If you do sports, or just started working out, you can certainly relate to this. I also shared about the power of reviewing recordings of yourself trading.

As mentioned, I run “The Binary Lab”, a binary options trading community with 4-6 live webinar sessions each week, Facebook and Skype groups where members can connect, interact, and post their trades and ideas. Membership is free with a broker account opened through The Binary Lab. Find out more here…

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