Binary Options Scams – Awareness Campaign

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This video is part of a new awareness campaign that I’m starting, can’t believe I’m actually going to pay for ads just to get this message out there. So if you want to help me out, spread the video around. Let people know that binary options trading is not easy, you actually have to put in time and effort in order to succeed.

You’re probably watching this video because somebody sparked your interest in binary options and you wanted to find out if they were telling the truth or not.

Chances are you probably saw some popup ad or marketing video that explained how easy it was to make 4 or 5 figures in a matter of a few hours. Those ads were intended to sell you a dream, a hope to make easy money. The problem is, life isn’t a dream so I’m here to talk about the reality.

There are two problems with the world of finance, you have misleading marketers and you have instructors who don’t know how to trade.

As I mentioned in the beginning of this video, I’m not here to sell you anything so I’m not a marketer. However, I am an instructor but I do actively trade Stocks, Forex and Binary Options. I also produce Forex Weekly Analysis videos and I run my own trading room as well.

Another problem, which is more specific to binary option videos is that person is most likely a marketer and they have no prior exposure to binary options.

Whereas I actually trade binary options. I’ve been trading binary options for over 3 years now, I started back in October 2010, which is pretty much near the beginning.

I’ve been a moderator on Binary Options Daily for almost 3 years as well. For those of you that don’t know, Binary Options Daily is the biggest binary options forum out there.

I’ve been on YouTube teaching people how to trade for nearly 2 years now. I can tell you from personal experience and from what I’ve observed, binary options is not easy.

With that said, if you’re ready to start learning how to binary options. I invite you to check out my binary options curriculum, the link is in the description below.

Again, I’d to remind you that all of the videos are free, in fact, they’re all uploaded on YouTube. I’m not selling anything, so you don’t have to take out your wallet unless you want to start live trading. But I strongly suggest you go through the videos first before opening a live account.

So that’s it for my awareness video, I hope I opened your eyes and if you decide to watch my lessons then I look forward to seeing you over there. If not, then pat yourself on the back for avoiding a disaster.

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