Franco’s Binary Options Trading Signals Winning Formula For Beginner Binary Options Traders

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My Trading Methodology: The following method is the exact way I have been trading profitably over the past several months. It is also very beginner friendly and I highly recommend that you follow this method. As a beginner, I had very limited knowledge of binary options aside from how to make calls and puts. I followed the broker’s indicator of what everyone else was betting on and went with the majority. Starting out with $200, I would watch the chart for several minutes until I felt that I had identified a trend. If my guess was the same as the majority of traders’, I would put in my order and hope for the best.

Looking back now, I consider myself lucky to have profited at all. This is a very dangerous method of trading — most traders are losers (as in, losing money) since they do not have a set strategy or may be following an inefficient one.

My strategy is very simple. I follow the advice of a trader who has been doing this for over a decade. If you’re like me, you may not know how to read the market the way a seasoned expert can. This is why when people call binary options trading a “scam”, I laugh because it is simply incorrect. There are many people out there consistently turning a profit trading binary options. The cost of a 2 week subscription is only $97, and I say “only” because the profit you will make from his trading calls will more than cover this small fee. I have used his service for 4 consecutive months now and each month was profitable. Here is a video recording of a live session in his trading room.
Each day, you will login to a live trading room where you can see the trader’s screen and hear his mic. He will give his explanations of the market’s movements and when a favorable trade arises, he will tell you exactly what to do. At that time, you need to quickly make the suggested trade. As a rule of thumb, do not risk more than 2-3% of your account balance on a single trade. For example, if you only have $200, trade the
minimum of $5. This is basic money management to prevent one loss from blowing out your account.

First you need to register a new account. I have used all of the listed brokers below but you may want to do some research on each site to find one that best suits you.
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This is the most important piece of my trading success. Follow a seasoned trading professional and copy his every move. He has been consistently profitable, and if you follow his instructions, you should be just as successful as I am. After a while, you will begin to understand his trading method and at that point, you can simply unsubscribe if you want. Click here for more information on the trader’s website:

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